Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen in the extended Flash trailer

"I want her found. And I want her dead.” (Jupiter Ascending)


"I had a child to think about.”

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"i think the   p r i n c e s s   is dead, and i know the   k i n g’s   about to die"

Bellamy being worried/protecting Clarke in 1x10 (◕‿◕✿)


I'm a lucky lady... (x)

killian & aurora  //  in wonderland

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F: and i was going to do it — [i know you were] —

S: […] it wasn’t ward by my side in that lab searching for a cure. it wasn’t ward giving me hope, when i had none. it was y o u.

F: i had ward’s back, the whole time. pretty much saved him from a gang of russian mobsters. and kicked a few guys’ heads in. [sighs] ah, but enough mission talk already. um, anything exciting happen at the hub?

S: i shot a superior officer in the chest.